Functional Medicine & Health Coaching Services

Nutritional and health coaching is all about getting back to the basic building blocks of human health – FOOD!  During a nutritional and health coaching, session our functional nutritional health practitioner will take a deep dive into your current diet and help you optimize it for your individual health goals.  This includes an initial 60-minute intake followed by a 45-minute review of findings where you will get an individualized nutritional treatment plan. 

Advanced Functional Labs

Functional Health pricing does not include labs.  Once your main complaints have been discussed and evaluated during our thorough intake process we will help guide you toward which lab we recommend will help us collect the necessary information in order to create your personalized Diet, Rest. Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplementation Protocol. The lab is sent directly to you along with instructions in which you will provide a urine, blood,  saliva, or stool sample and return it back to the lab for evaluation.  The results are then sent to us to evaluate and correlate with your symptoms and complaints.  Throughout the three-month period of time, we will uncover those hidden health factors that may be causing you discomfort and bring your body back to that resiliency that it once had.

Choose the Price Plan That Works for You

Metabolic Typing

Custom Meal Plans
$ 399
  • $50 off Member Pricing
  • Receive your personalized macro breakdown
  • A physical assessments & quiz is given to identify your type
  • Meal plan included

Evolve Program

Journey to a Healthier Life
$ 289
  • Special Member Pricing for Advanced Tiers
  • Implement effective behavior change
  • Meal plan included
  • Workout Channel Included

Align Plus

Reveal & Recommend Program
$ 980
  • 1 Lab Prep Session
  • 1 Reflect and Reveal Session
  • Evaluates your hormone & digestive health imbalances
  • No meal plans, programs, labs or products are included

Align Premier

Reveal, Recommend, Redesign
$ 1780
  • 13 sessions to identify the imbalances in your hormone and digestive health
  • Evolve Tier 1-3 Included
  • 1 Year of Infinity Membership Included
  • Supplement Support included

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Evolve 3-Month Membership

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