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Meet Irene

Hello, I'm Irene

They call her the
Weight Loss Whisperer...

When I first heard that I laughed, but then I thought about it and agreed. After years of misinformation and failure in my own ability to sustain weight loss I developed a passion for helping others.  Combining that passion with the experience and years of knowledge I feel like it comes easy, but anyone who has succeeded in my program can tell you… it’s about changing your mindset and having patience. I somehow have a knack for helping people find that – then the weight just falls off!

~ Irene

About Irene

I have been a fitness professional since 1997 and specialize in assisting people with improving their wellness on a multitude of all levels.   

My advanced INLP Life Coaching Practitioner Accreditation,  Integrative Health and Wellness Nutrition and Expert Coaching Certificates, and research in human metabolic distress enable me to provide nutritional therapy to members of my programs. I recently received my Holistic Autoimmune Nutritional Certification to help those who suffer from chronic conditions.  

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Practitioner, my credentials include helping uncover and resolve digestive issues, food intolerances, parasite and fungal infections, and hormonal imbalances, including metabolic chaos, menopause, andropause, and thyroid issues.  

As a Nutritional Coach and Wellness Expert, I teach my clients to understand how food and exercise can be used as tools to enhance the body’s ability to provide energy and serve as a tool to aid in strengthening the metabolism, which will enhance weight loss, athletic performance, and overall well-being. 

As a business owner and Entrepreneur,   my days guide and inspire others to reach their fitness goals and lead a healthy lifestyle. My goal as a Nutritional Therapist is to help people understand the components behind weight loss and metabolism and ultimately enhance their overall relationship with food.  After nearly two decades, I have recently retired from one-on-one training and focus all of my time and energy on designing nutrition and exercise plans for members of my program and work with special cases and doctor referrals.   

I’m a marathoner and have run over 60 marathons.  I’ve also completed several ultra-distance races, including the 2018 Barkley and enjoy being a part of this community.   I live the same lifestyle that I teach to my clients as it has enhanced my life in so many ways, and I pride myself on knowing my programs have touched the lives of thousands of others.

My Credentials

Founder, Owner, and Producer of Getufit Fitness & Nutrition and Wellness Programs

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner FDN-P

INLP Certified Life Coach Specializing in Nutritional Therapy

Integrative Nutrition Certified – IIN

Expert Wellness Coach Certified – Expert Wellness Center

Health and Wellness Coach Certification – AFPA

AFPA Holistic Autoimmune Nutritional Certification

My Philosophy

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”


Fitness is my fountain of youth. It has made such a difference in my life that I’d like to share the wealth. Knowing what to do and how to do it can and will improve your quality of life in every aspect.


I have such an amazing level of energy that motivates me to keep people enthused. I get motivated by seeing the improvements in my clients. It generates so much energy and keeps me going!


Getting individuals to understand the value of fitness. Devoting the time and money needed is absolutely priceless. Nothing feels better than feeling good about yourself!

What My Clients Say...


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