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Our program is divided into three tiers that meticulously cover every aspect of your nutrient intake and behavioral habits.


Tier One

In the first three months, we concentrate on the fundamentals of macronutrients and how to track them effectively on the Chronos app. By identifying your Basic Metabolic Rate, we help you establish a realistic weight loss goal.

Each month, we provide meal plans that fulfill your body’s basic nutritional requirements and focus on carbs, proteins, and fats.

Moreover, we provide you with routine and behavioral guidance on how to navigate social events and prevent self-sabotage.

Additionally, we help you establish healthy routines and habits to set the foundation for your success.

Tier Two

Moving onto the second tier, we delve deeper into the micronutrients that play a vital role in maintaining your ideal weight. Our meal plans are designed to provide the perfect balance of magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B, C, and thiamine that not only satiate your hunger but also keep your mood stable and blood sugar levels balanced.

By now members have mastered understanding the foundational techniques needed to support successful weight loss  We have seen body temperature and resting heart rate to assess the health of your metabolic rate in hopes of increasing that METABOLIC SCORE.

Members will learn how to manage the micronutrients such as looking at  potassium, calcium, niacin and magnesium to manage food cravings  and binge eating.

Tier Three

In the third tier, we examine why weight loss sometimes plateaus and may even reverse. At this point, we have established a strong foundation of healthy habits and a balanced nutritional intake.

Here we explore how sleep, rest, and stress can impact weight loss and identify factors that can cause metabolic slowdown. By understanding the impact of cortisol dysregulation caused by stressors in your life, you can sustain a healthy lifestyle and achieve your weight loss goals. 

In this final tier we prepare members to phase into the annual INFINITY PROGRAM to ensure their a sustainable success rate  We continue to build the metabolic rate using the tools that were learned in the first two tiers.  


Once the program is completed, members have the opportunity to join the Infinite membership, where they will receive a personalized meal plan and access to all the support systems that helped them succeed. 

The annual membership that members are eligible for upon completing the Evolve Program.  

Included in this membership is full access to the workout channel and one Evolve+ Meal Plan.

The cost per year is $150.

Our Nutrition and Meal Plans

Tier 1-3

  • A comprehensive weight management system that offers much more than just teaching about food and nutrition.
  • The program provides an in-depth understanding of macronutrients and micronutrients to help boost metabolic rate and achieve sustainable weight loss.
  • Upon registration, members will receive a METABOLIC SCORE, which they can track alongside their weight loss progress.
  • With new and improved tracking abilities, they can watch their metabolic score steadily increase, while they shed extra pounds, gain energy and improve their overall health.
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A Personalized Approach
  • Members who wish to have a more personalized touch added to their plan can select to upgrade to this customized meal plan option.
  • Here you are given a survey in which you can be very specific about the type of recipes and meals you wish to have on your plan.
  • Additionally, members can select number of servings per recipe, format preference and even omit ingredients that are not ideal for their diet.
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Infinity Annual

Next-Level Maintenance Plan
  • Shortly after you have submitted your completed monthly end checkpoints, you will have received the information needed to begin your exciting new adventure toward healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices with our exclusive EVOLVE MEMBERSHIP.
  • At the 10th month, upon completing all three tiers, members no longer have the 3-month fees for services as the level of independence and understanding allows them to become part of our INFINITY MEMBER COMMUNITY in which has an annual fee of only $150.

Workout Channel

Membership includes partial access to the workout channel. Each member receives one free month to the premium classes. Subscription rates listed below are offered both for monthly and annual rates.

Free Workout Classes

Get your FREE premium Getufit workout classes with all programs.

FREE Annual Membership

Included: a full year of our workout channel for all levels.

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