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Meet the GetuFit Team

Our Team Members

Getufit Fitness and Nutrition is honored to have a team of Ambassadors who play a unique and special role within the “Infinity & Evolve” community. These are individuals who began their journey with my company as clients who have now mastered the philosophies of what is taught in the program. They now play an ongoing role in the coaching of members whom they bring to the program, all while assisting with group questions as they surface on our community Facebook Page.

This serves a special and unique purpose, as the Getufit Ambassadors have been through the program and have been certified to follow the nutritional protocol as highlighted in the curriculum of the program.

Meet our role models and program mentors. 

 Just Some of Our Success Stories…

Matt Kok

Co-Owner and Director of Operations

Hello! I’m Matt Kok. I trust the process, love the food, love the workouts, understanding macros and balancing them, love new recipes.

Leslie Siciliano

Lead Ambassador

I am so happy to share my GFN story! I’m Leslie, early 50’s, work full time and have 3 active kids. Pregnancies and age (slower metabolism) caused the weight to start creeping on in adulthood. I’d never struggled much before, so I hadn’t tried other programs. 

Instead I unwittingly used the unsustainable method of lots of cardio and “portion control” to keep things in check. But it wasn’t a realistic long-term approach, and I eventually hit a new high.

By this point I had been stalking Irene on Facebook and doing the workouts she posted. I contacted a friend who was on the very first GFN program, and I liked what she had to say about eating real food and no gimmicks. I nervously emailed Irene and joined her 2nd group.

That was March of 2018. By that June I had hit my 25 lb weight-loss goal, and I’ve never looked back. I learned what to eat, how to navigate restaurants and BBQ’s, strategies for travel (travel sports, anyone?) and how to snack. I sleep better. My blood sugar is stable. I have referred dozens of members to the program and became an Ambassador, which means I get the privilege of helping others achieve their goals.


I am so thankful to have found Irene and this amazing community she has built. I never could have imagined being where I am now when I took that first step 4 years ago.

I mange an IT team for OptumRx. I’ve been in this role approximately 8 years, but in the pharmacy benefits management industry for over 25 years. I enjoy solving problems and continuous learning.

Deanna Merrell


My name is Deanna. I am married and have a teenage daughter who loves to dance! I have been with Irene since May of 2019. Previously I had tried every health fad out there that I was not able to sustain. Once joining GetUFit I was able to create the lifestyle change I had always wanted and maintain it. I love this program and all it offers, and I also love how it is always evolving! I have recently become an ambassador and am excited about being an additional resource to all who are looking for support!

I am passionate about health and fitness. I am currently working towards my personal training certification, have recently complete Health and We’ll was coaching certification and am a yoga instructor. I have been with the program since 2019. The program has taught me a lot about myself and has helped me to maintain a healthy weight with a sustainable lifestyle.

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