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We Can Help You Achieve Your Best Self.

Get customized weight loss, nutrition and fitness plans and coaching from an experienced, credentialed professional naturopath and functional medical practitioner.

meet irene

Naturopath & Functional Medical Practitioner

They call her “The Weight Loss Whisperer.” 

GetUFit founder Irene has been a fitness professional since 1997 and specializes in assisting people with improving their wellness on a multitude of all levels.

An experienced professional, Irene has many credentials that help her support you in your journey to a better you:

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Practitioner
  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Certified Nutritional Coach
  • Holistic Autoimmune Nutritionist
  • Author of Girlfriends’ Guide to Weight Loss

introducing evolve

Introducing Evolve – our comprehensive weight management system that offers much more than just teaching about food and nutrition. The program provides an in-depth understanding of macronutrients and micronutrients to help boost metabolic rate and achieve sustainable weight loss.

Upon registration, members will receive a METABOLIC SCORE, which they can track alongside their weight loss progress. With new and improved tracking abilities, they can watch their metabolic score steadily increase, while they shed extra pounds, gain energy and improve their overall health.

let's get started

Functional Medicine is a new approach to addressing complex medical problems. It is often described as ‘root cause medicine’ – as it searches for your unique reason for your symptoms, whatever they may be. Conventional medicine is disease-oriented, where treatment plans are formulated based on the diagnosis, and is the same for every person with that same diagnosis.  Functional Medicine is patient-oriented, taking into account the unique biochemical individuality of every patient.

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